As Holey Moley takes the world by storm with its hybrid mini-golf-cocktail-bar genius, ONset Arts has been alongside on their international journey - designing, building, painting, and installing every pop culture hole. We’ve been the driving force behind the Holey Moley launches in Melbourne, Adelaide, Surfers Paradise, Sunshine Coast, Fortitude Valley, Northbridge, Newtown, Charlestown, Darlinghurst, Wollongong, Carousel, Auckland and Singapore (with more to come)!


Putting together a decent chunk of an exhibition set is a tricky challenge, but it’s something that we were happy to tackle for ACMI. Designing, building sets, making props, painting, and then modifying the set for touring purposes was all in a day’s work for ONset. We were very fortunate to work on this project, and it was a fantastic collaborative effort spanning several businesses. We’re always up for going down a rabbit hole.



Prop for the Ashes Sportsbet marketing campaign

ONset were commissioned to make a giant cricket box piñata and set. You were able to jump online and send a sledge with a hashtag via twitter or facebook, then a cricket ball assigned to that sledge was fired at the box, whoever smashed through the secret spot won $10,000!